My name is Johannes (most people call me Jojo but refer to me as you will). I am currently  in my second year at Lapland University of Applied Sciences. I have been living in Rovaniemi Finland since August 2014. My life before that gets slightly more complicated, so much so that as I write this I need to call my mom and ask if I actually have it all straight in my head.

Here’s a photo of me at an elephant orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya where my parents are living at the moment.

I was born in Ampang, Malaysia in 1996 and at the age of three months took my first flight to Finland to celebrate my Grandmothers birthday. Returned to Malaysia and a month later was in the air again to celebrate my first Christmas with my Mom’s family in Zimbabwe. To keep it short before the age of two I had flown a few times between Malaysia and Finland, Malaysia and Zimbabwe, and a short holiday in the Philippines.  Just before my second birthday I landed in Dar es salaam Tanzania where I was to spend the next 16 years.

A photo of my brother, friend and I (left to right) on Mbudya Island off the coast of Dar.

During the years I lived in Tanzania I visited Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Zanzibar, USA,  Denmark, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, England and most recently Norway. (and if we are counting lay overs Malawi and France) Now if you are playing along at home that is around 200+ flights and a lot of time in buses, trains, ferries and cars and in all manner of stations, ports and departure halls.

The view from the boat after another trip many years later.

The reason I am explaining this is not to make my life seem overly impressive but it’s just to demonstrate how big a part travelling has been in my life and how this translates quite well into my choice of a degree at Lapland UAS.

One of the few and far between sunny days here in Rovaniemi during winter earlier this year.

Of course growing up in Tanzania I never exactly blended in with the crowd. I went to an International school and I was introduced to many different cultures and nationalities.  So when I began my studies at Lapland UAS it was not difficult to find a place for myself in the Multicultural environment that I am found myself in.

A lioness chilling in Ruaha national park after snacking on a giraffe.

Outside of travelling I have a tendency of skipping from one hobby or activity to another. I have enjoyed swimming, golf, rugby, tennis, volley ball, ultimate Frisbee and have a scuba licence, but I have kept a love for photography and other art forms for most part of my life. I am also enthusiastic about music and you will rarely find me without headphones.  I also enjoy learning about and fiddling with technology in my spare time.

On a ferry to Zanzibar after heading to the Dar port in the wee hours of the morning.

In general, I feel that the best points of my life have to be when I am around my family and friends and that has also been a driving factor in how my life is playing out, and find myself being happiest when I am around them!

At a reunion in Bristol with friends from Tanzania, some of whom I have known since kindergarten.

The opportunity to work alongside my team and participate myself in the EMCup is one that I truly appreciate and am glad to be able to see how it turns out and what experiences it holds!

Oh yeah also I am missing a few fingers and toes…not too sure how that happened.

Johannes Kaihua


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