Hei I’m Matti, 24-years-old but sometimes I feel like I’m already 27. Originally from Sodankylä but I’ve been living in Rovaniemi about 5 years now and after graduation that’ll absolutely do. I have lived and worked in Lebanon for half-a-year and in London about 4 months, but those are another stories. Where to next? Don’t know, but hopefully I’ll get there. Just some place where it is good to be. Recently I’ve been just floating in a limbo. (Not the sport. I’m not that flexible.)

I’m on the finish line with my tourism bachelor studies at Lapland UAS and taking part in the EMCup 2017 as only ‘fully-finn’ of the team. This is my last opportunity in these studies to do something different and be part of something, so lets use it. More on our school and the competition in blog posts to come.

As a person I’m a humanist and perfectionist,  protective pessimist, somewhat an active/passive nihilist (depending on the day but active is better) and unfortunately a hopeless romantic. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub. I have strong work ethics and I’ve never been too dainty with what I do for work. Maybe at some point I can be, but while I’m young and able bodied, I’m going to be humble and open-minded as well as -hearted. Even though when it’s not easy. Not even every time. One thing I have noticed  is that I want to work with people and even more TO people.

If I’d have to choose the most important thing for me, that would be my friends. There I have made choices that I can really be proud of as well as thankful for being a choice myself. Now and always. And then the usual thingies. TV shows and movies; Game of Thrones, Vikings, Rick & Morty, South Park, Star Wars (not the prequels!). Music; anything goes as long as it’s good. Books: I know how to and I have read some. Maybe Douglas Adams.

Now lunch @12:03 on November 23rd.



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