During the last couple of weeks, we (Below Zero Super Heroes) have constantly been posting things about ourselves and our studies on various different social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram. As much as we love the world to get to know us, we have been doing that because we entered 2017’s EM Cup which is held in February in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Lapland UAS’ EM Cup Team: Below Zero Super Heroes! GO PINK! 😀

Essentially, the EM Cup is a competition amongst the best European Hotel Management Schools. In other words, each participating school sends a team of about 4 students into the competition. The EM Cup in itself is made up of various pre-assignments and on-site tasks that each group has to fulfill. This year’s theme is Catch me if you can. Stay in Love <3. In short, it’s about nowadays’ hospitality industry and their need to attract and retain future workers.

Best part about the pre-assignments is getting to know some of Rovaniemi’s finest! Meet Hissu! ❤

As we are representing Lapland UAS in Maastricht, we are currently working on our pre-assignments such as Rumor around the Brand, the academic paper, HOTS simulation and our introduction video.

Our first coaching session for EM CUP

Rumor around the Brand means that we have to be active on various social media channels and that’s where all of you guys come in. By liking, sharing and interacting with us on our channels, you help us immensely. For that we are extremely grateful! ❤  In the HOTS simulation we get to act and make decisions as human resource managers of a 4 star hotel. How exciting is that! 😀

Overall, it’s a great honor for us Below Zero Super Heroes to be able to take part in 2017’s EM Cup. It will give us the chance to step out of our comfort zone and to test our abilities and strengths against other fabulous contestants from across Europe whilst getting to know the Netherlands. Best of all, we will hopefully be able to create long-lasting networks within the European Hospitality Industry and get to know many interesting people. 😀 😀

Below Zero Super Heroes at Santa Park! This is for you EM CUP!


Keep on following and supporting us and join us on our journey to Maastricht! 😀

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