O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree! Someone come and hang me.

Personally, Christmas has been, for many years now, pretty dark and cruel time for me. Unfortunate and at the moment always so inscrutable déjà vu. Christmas in itself is not to blame, maybe living in a “Christmas Wonderland” has something that kills the sensation. Or maybe it’s just bitter ol’ me. Nevertheless, it has eaten even the slightest childish enthusiasm away.

I rather see someone else smile than twist my face to that posture. And that’s what I do for 5th season now, I work and try to make the customers Christmas as special as I can for my part and put everything else aside until the year is over. I have done laundry in 3 shifts, sorted countless socks, shoes and overalls, frozen to the state of fu*k this, collected and washed dishes, drained an ocean of beer and shook one or two cocktails, kept a smile while being yelled at and bargained from my own eating, sleeping, washing and social relationships. But I’m not the only one or alone during this busy season, not by a long shot. There are countless brothers and sisters of hospitality, some of which choose to work and some of whom have to. There is this special feeling of cohesion that doesn’t have to be said, rarely can it be seen, but sensed yes. I can’t say everybody, but most of us long for the Christmas table with our families. For me the Christmas table with the family is having a beer or two, usually three or more, after a long morning, midday, afternoon, evening and night at work with the other shabby seasonals. When we wish ‘Hyvää joulua’ (=Merry Christmas) to each other, it counts for much more; ‘Thank you for being there and let’s keep on going’.

We can sigh after the New Year. Work doesn’t end, but it has a strengthening, symbolic meaning. The Sun has the decency to lengthen the days bit by bit and everything starts to be a bit more relaxed and hopeful. New Year gives the chance to put aside, forget and start a new. I can’t wait.

The holidays are again upon us and it is time for the last push for this year.

For you quests, we are ready and waiting for you!

From families and friends I&WE ask understanding for not being able to be there with you.

And to all my colleagues, Hyvää joulua. You are the real Christmas spirits.

Yours, Matti.


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