Well here’s my blog!

I actually kinda forget to put mine on before christmas, so let’s just sum up my Christmas in 3 words: OH. BLOODY. HELL. I am not a too pessimistic person, but this year just adds up to the fact that Christmas doesn’t really fit me. It never did.

So yea, I am not gonna to bore you with my Christmas experiences.

Just a bit of Christmas spirit: First Christmas in Rovaniemi
Christmas at my roommate’s home in Haapavesi. I learned about how Finnish traditional Christmas actually was! Not bad!


And now I am going to tell you about my New Year celebration.

I’ve been living in Finland for 4 years, but I only spent New Year in Rovaniemi for 2 years only. My first two years I was in Vietnam celebrating it with my friends and family. Oh, happy days. In my country, even though we more focus in Lunar New Year (which is usually in February), the Western New Year is still a big celebration. We have a huge crowd in the city town, have big artists performing in front of thousands of people, have a countdown, and fireworks of course. It was always too many people, that you could hardly find yourself a good place to stand and see the fireworks at least. What can you do? We have more than 7 million people in Hanoi. That should give you some clues. Anyway, usually before we went out, me, my family and my relatives gathered around, having hot pot, talking about everything and reminiscing about the past.

Didn’t take any pictures when I was in the countdown so just got one from Google!

In 2014, I had my first New Year in Rovaniemi. I remembered spending my New Year with my Russian friend who came all the way from Helsinki to see Lapland. She had a dog with her and it was such a pleasure since I am a dog fan. Now I don’t remember what breed the dog was, but it is definitely the big one. On the New Year’s Eve, we made some food, chilled and then we went to the Kemijoki river where they had the firework. All the tourists were there. It was crowded, but not like in Hanoi. You can still manage to squeeze yourself in and see the show. Of course, we took the dog with us and he had a blast. So did we. The firework lasted for about 30 minutes I would say, and it was quite a show they put on. You can hear every language from all over the world clear in such a small place: Chinese, English, Italian, Spanish, or Korean. Everyone wished to each other a happy new year, with such joy and happiness. Of course, my face was a bit uncomfortable, since I took my summer shoes by mistake and I couldn’t feel anything on my feet. It was almost frozen.

My resolution that year was….well, get more money!! 🙂

Firework show from Kemijoki river bank – EVERY YEAR  THEY HAVE IT! 🙂


2015 was a great year. I got a job and therefore (talking about resolution came true) , I couldn’t celebrate New Year like everyone. I remembered that I helped my boss on the New Year’s Eve until 10 pm, and then I headed straight to the Punapippuri bar where I met my friend Tuomas and his friends. We chatted about literally everything, from politics to games, from animals to rovaniemi (talking about some kind of connections over there). Anyway, Tuomas bought me some shots and some beers and the next thing I knew, was that I got a bit wasted. I kept reminding him that I had work at 10 the next day and still, he gave me the salmiakki shot, which by the way, was good when you are drunk, and bad when you have hangover! I left about at 2 in the morning, and then slept all the way to 11am, knowing I was officially late for work. Luckily, my boss was so nice the she gave me apass this time.

2015-edition resolution: Less drinking! (we all know this wouldn’t come true).

Taken on the 29th of December, right after my holiday!
The start of the evening: 2 beers, 2 ciders! Later on, that turns to: 4 shots, 2 beers, 2 ciders (don’t ask me how) 🙂


2017? What for New Year? Well, that my dear, is a very interesting question. I have no plan whatsoever for this year’s celebration. But drinking? Yes! Kalsarikännit? Oh Yes! (That’s a very beautiful word, meaning that you drink yourself to be wasted, IN YOUR UNDERWEAR).

What my resolution this year? Hmmm…I guess to travel more?

A sum-up of my best 9 moments on Instagram! 🙂 Half of it was about travelling! I guess it’s a hint for 2017?

So yea, what a great way to end my 2016. Couldn’t it BE any greater?



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